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Breakthroughs in treating PE: Dr Luke and Prof. Sam Shah

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

Dr Luke Pratsides, our Head of Medical, and Prof. Sam Shah, our Chief Medical Strategy Officer, have recently published two papers about drug-free solutions for erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) with colleagues from Anglia Ruskin University (ALU).

Not only do we have effective treatments to combat PE, but we’re now leading the fight against it. 

The potential role of physical activity in the management of male sexual dysfunction

What role does exercise play in managing sexual issues? Dr Luke, Prof. Sam Shah, and colleagues from ALU discuss how physical activity can potentially improve male sexual health, particularly in addressing erectile dysfunction, PE, and low libido. 

Observational and interventional studies have shown promising results, suggesting that physical activity can be as effective as medication in treating male sexual dysfunction. 

Pelvic floor strength training and moderate running have shown positive outcomes in reducing PE. Physical activity also helps with weight management, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health, sleep disorders, and mental health - all of which are linked to male sexual dysfunction. 

Although further research is needed to determine the most effective form of physical activity, the current evidence supports exercise as a way of preventing and managing male sexual dysfunction. 

Non-pharmacological approaches for treatment of premature ejaculation: a systematic review

In this paper, they discuss PE treatments in an effort to discover the most effective interventions.

Their research provides assurance for men experiencing PE. While a lack of data made it difficult to draw conclusions, they did find that pelvic floor rehabilitation, virtual reality therapy, mobile app-guided therapy, physical activity, and desensitisation techniques show promise, while recommending a combination of pharmacological, behavioural, and psychological approaches as the best course of action.

The paper concludes that further research and standardised approaches are needed to establish their effectiveness and guide clinical practice.

The numan take

Trust the experts. We’re in it for the long term, not just a short-term fix. Led by science, our doctors work to discover the best treatments and lifestyle changes to combat sexual dysfunction and support men's overall health.