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Get active in your day 

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Leah Gorodi

Time to get a move on. Sitting all day causes issues. We know that the last thing you want to do on a busy day is exercise. But it’s key to staying healthy. Walking, running, cycling, and dancing are all easy methods to keep moving during the day. Movement = improvement. 

Why is it important to stay active? 

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful. It increases your risk of heart disease. diabetes, depression, and obesity. But your health is in your hands. By moving just 30 minutes daily, you can reduce your chances of getting ill - both short-term and long-term. Moving helps you with both. 

Easy ways to get active in your day 

1. Add walking to your day

This is a simple one. Get off the train to work a stop earlier. Go for a walk before work, at lunch, or after. Walk the dog. Walk the cat. Walk the goldfish. Any excuse to walk - take it.  

2. Take the stairs

Stairs are everywhere. No excuse. They’re a brilliant way to add movement to your day. It burns more calories per minute than jogging. It builds and maintains bones, joints, and muscles. Next time you’re at work, take the stairs instead of the lift. 

3. Don’t drive

A 2-minute drive instead of a 15-minute walk? Tempting. But driving short trips prevents you from taking advantage of an easy exercise opportunity. Instead of driving short journeys, why not walk, jog, or cycle? They have many health benefits. 

4. Take on the chores

Transform boring tasks into calorie burners. Vacuum. Sweep. Take the bins out. Move boxes. Mow the lawn. Wash your car. They’re all calorie burners, with an added bonus.  

5. Pace when on a call 

Long phone calls are an opportunity to get moving. Talk to your family, friends or work colleagues and pace whilst you do it. Or go for a walk outside. It’s a great chance to boast about your progress with whoever is on the other line. 

6. Set alarms to move 

Don’t let distractions get in the way of movement. Set alarms. They’re annoying, but they are a great way to get you up. Set an alarm for every two hours so you’re never sitting too long. 

7. Watch TV while moving

Watching TV isn’t usually paired with movement. But make it that way. Workout routines can be painful. Distract your brain with your favourite show whilst spinning on an exercise bike or squatting on a balance ball. Turn something hard into something easy. If exercise isn't your thing, start with simple workouts to get your body moving.

The numan take

Inactive. Sedentary. Desk-bound. Whatever you want to call it, it’s harmful if left unchecked. Movement is key to your health. Do something about it. 

Weight Loss Plan.

Weight Loss Plan.

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