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Numan survey reveals which region is most likely to have sex this Valentine’s Day

By Kirsty Mason

Our latest Numan survey probed deep into some intimate details about what we’re getting up to this Valentine’s Day. With four in 10 singles revealing that they’ll be thinking about their ex and one in 10 men admitting they ‘dread’ sex on the special day, our survey was packed with surprises.

It’s that time of year again. Cupid, get off your lazy backside and fish out the bow and arrow - your work is cut out for you this year. Using the consumer platform, Attest, we asked 1000 nationally representative people the most intimate details about the upcoming day. We’re talking sex toys, erections, and dating app hookups. Let’s take a look at seven of the most interesting results…

1. Two-thirds of couples are considering purchasing products to enhance pleasure or sexual performance this Valentine’s Day

With two in five adults saying they normally have sex on Valentine’s Day (40%), rising to 86% among those who are married or living with a partner, it’s no surprise that some couples need a little help getting it on. 

Our survey revealed that two-thirds of couples (66%) are considering purchasing a product to enhance sexual performance.

And what pleasurable product may that be? we hear the devil on your shoulder ask.

Most respondents revealed they’d be purchasing underwear (41%) followed by sex toys (26%), lubricant (24%) and adult costumes (16%). 

We also found that one in seven men will be buying medication for erectile dysfunction (14%) and one in 10 will be spending their pennies on premature ejaculation treatment (8%).

2. One in 10 men ‘dread’ having sex in case they’re not able to perform how they’d like

Sadly, one in 10 men admit that they ‘dread’ having sex in case they’re not able to perform as they’d like (9%). This was twice that of women (4%).

That wasn’t the only statistic that illustrated major gender discrepancies. Almost a third of women feel that not having sex on Valentine’s Day would make them question a long-term future with their partner (29%). This is compared to just 4% of men. Similarly, in the case of abstaining from sex on Valentine’s Day, over a third of women would question whether their partner found them attractive. Only one in ten men (12%) felt the same way.

Men revealed concerns in the bedroom, with two in 10 ejaculating quicker than they would like (20%). One in eight admit they find it difficult to maintain an erection (12%).

3. Four out of 10 singles will be thinking about an ex on Valentine’s Day

With all the red roses and mushy love stuff around, that pesky ex is popping up into the minds of the masses. If you’re pondering whether getting in touch with your ex is a good idea (spoiler alert: it’s not) then you’re not alone. More than a third of singles admit that they’ll think of an ex on Valentine’s Day (37%), with one in five peeking at an ex’s social media (19%), and one in 10 taking the plunge with a text.

One in 14 say that the special day will even spur them on to hooking up with an ex (7%) with a similar number actually asking an ex to get back together (6%).

4. Two out of five singles picked Tinder as their favourite dating app

Other singles were seeking something new, with around one in seven (13%) saying they’re likely to use a dating app to arrange a Valentine’s Day hook-up. Tinder was selected as the most popular platform (40%), followed by Match and Plenty of Fish (both 15%).

5. Single men are significantly more likely to feel ‘very sad’ on Valentine’s Day

With women significantly more likely to like Valentine’s Day than men, it may be no surprise that one in 10 men admit that they’ll feel ‘very sad’ on the special day (9%). This stat drops to just 3% for women. 

6. Wales is the least likely region to have sex on Valentine’s Day

It turns out that Cupid doesn’t speak Welsh with Wales the least likely region to have sex on Valentine’s Day. Two-fifths say that they’re unlikely or very unlikely to have sex on the special day (38%) so it’s probably no surprise that they’re also the most likely region to feel ‘sad’ on Valentine’s Day (25%).

7. East Midlands are the most likely region to have sex on Valentine’s Day

Our survey revealed that the region most likely to have sex on Valentine’s Day is (drum roll please)... East Midlands. Yes, you heard that right. That, erm, sexy East Midlands accent is clearly working for some people. East Midlands shot to the top with a massive 55% predicting that they were likely or very likely to have sex on Valentine’s Day.

The sample is based on an audience who are digital users with internet access, who've been incentivised to partake in the survey

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