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Top 5 ways of losing weight in the new year

By Joe Young | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

The festive period is tough on your waistline. It’s a season of temptations, cold weather, and arguments with distant uncles. Diet and exercise is the last thing on your mind. But now it’s time to fight off that extra weight. 

Here’s how.

1. Set realistic goals 

You’ve got a score to settle with unwanted weight. But don’t rush into anything. In 2020, only 26% of Britons kept all their resolutions. Setting unrealistic targets leads to failure. It’s good to have goals, but bad to have ones that aren't right for you. 

Instead, create a realistic to-do list, like getting outside once a day, or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Steady changes equal longer-lasting results.

2. Sleep better

Good sleep is fundamental to weight loss. Without high-quality rest, you might turn to food to fuel you. Eating is a comfort. But it results in long-lasting weight gain that’s hard to reverse. If you struggle to lose weight, going to bed earlier is crucial.

3. Incorporate exercise into your day

Get moving. And not just in the gym. Incorporate activity into your day without much effort. Walking at lunch, doing chores, or pacing whilst on calls are a few examples. There are no excuses for inactivity. 

4. Follow a healthy diet 

Changing what you eat can lead to more weight loss than exercise alone, but dieting can be counteractive. How many times have you tried a new diet only to be left unsatisfied? Restrictive eating often leads to a binge.

So make it fun. Discover new recipes, or explore new restaurants. And don’t give up after one indulgence. It’s better to enjoy a pint after work with your mates and be happy. 

Weight gain tends to happen after you consistently consume more calories than you burn. One or two indulgences are fine.

5. Get help from the experts 

It’s hard to work on yourself, by yourself. The burden is lighter when it’s shared. Studies have shown that professional support will motivate you to lose weight. It’s also good to tell friends and family about your goals. There’s more to lose by giving up, whilst their support might prevent you from slipping. 

Numan's Weight Loss Plan 

It’s a struggle to keep your goals, sleep, exercise, and diet in check all by yourself. This is where Numan comes in. 

Our multidimensional weight loss programme includes groundbreaking medicines called GLP-1 inhibitors, which trigger the appetite response in the brain so you feel full. You’ll also have tailored action plans, ongoing support from a health coach, and clinical advice to make changes that’ll stick. 

Are you ready? We’re waiting in the wings, ready to be drafted in when you’re up for the battle. 

That time is now.