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3 ways weight loss can treat erectile dysfunction

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

Causes of ED (erectile dysfunction) come from all angles. We know, it’s exhausting. But there are simple solutions to combat ED, and some stem from one process – weight loss.

Can obesity cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes. Studies have shown that up to 79% of men presenting erectile disorders are clinically overweight. That’s the bad news. The good news? Losing weight targets the root causes of ED. Here are three ways that weight loss could help you beat ED - for good.

1. Up your testosterone levels

Testosterone and ED are closely connected. The evidence for the importance of maintaining testosterone levels in libido and ED is strong. But how is this linked to weight loss? Simply put, there is a direct correlation between fat cells, particularly fat around the belly, and decreased testosterone levels.

Fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to oestrogens. So when the amount of fat cells increases, the body converts more  testosterone into oestrogen. Simple.

An easy way to increase your testosterone is through weight loss. Losing weight produces higher testosterone levels in the body, and it doesn’t matter how the weight is lost. Eat fewer calories. Go for longer jogs. Do both. Typically, it takes about six months to notice a significant difference in your testosterone levels. Real progress takes time.

Of course, we can give you a helping hand. Our Weight Loss Plan is specifically designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. It focuses on the four main pillars of weight loss: nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset. Instead of short-term gains and quick fixes, our plan is tailored to achieve long-term weight loss. If you find it difficult to maintain motivation, we’ve got you covered – our coaches provide encouragement and support to keep you on track.

2. Lower your cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat, waxy substance that blocks arteries and narrows the blood stream. Not pretty. Unsurprisingly, studies have shown too much cholesterol in the bloodstream – otherwise known as hypercholesterolemia – can negatively impact your chances of achieving an erection. Basically, the higher your cholesterol, the higher your chance of experiencing ED.

How do I check my cholesterol levels?

Our ED test kit is the answer. It’s easy, painless and delivers results in just 3-5 days. If you discover you have high cholesterol, don’t despair – 6 out of 10 men have high cholesterol, and lowering it is very achievable. You got this.

The simplest way to lower your cholesterol is through your diet. Focus on veg. Stock up on seafood. Eat oats mixed with grapes, strawberries and apples – there are plenty of options that don’t compromise on health or taste. If you’re unsure, start our 7-day high cholesterol diet plan to help you stay on track.

Your diet is the place to start, and it helps to combine healthy food with regular exercise. Both cardio and weightlifting have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and improve blood flow.

3. Improve your mental health

Studies suggest that the personal achievement of losing weight directly contributes to increased confidence levels. Especially if you can see the difference – visible evidence of your progress is a surefire way to help you feel better about yourself. The best way to track your progress? Our weight loss app showcases tangible results throughout your journey.

Also, it’s well known that exercise releases feel-good brain chemicals, such as endorphins. So, if you’re eating well and exercising, the chances are that you’re feeling good.

How does this relate to ED?

Depression, anxiety and stress can cause erectile dysfunction. An improved mental state elevates your chances of overcoming ED and experiencing a healthy sex life.

The numan take

ED is complicated. Men can struggle to understand the cause and solutions which is frustrating. Weight loss may not be the sole solution, but it definitely helps improve your chances of a healthier sex life. Give it a shot. We’re with you all the way.

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