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6 things to do right now if you’re feeling demotivated to lose weight

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

Picture what you want to look like. Really picture it. The journey to achieve that starts today. You’ve probably tried to lose weight before and given up. That’s understandable – losing weight is hard. But the inaction ends now – and we're fighting your corner. We’re helping you ditch the old habits for fresh ones that actually work. 

1. Connect with your health coach

Our Weight Loss Plan comes with coaches who give you the kick up the backside that you need. They never judge you or put you down. We know that every weight loss journey is packed with obstacles and motivation is the greatest threat to success. They're here to remind you that you aren't fighting this battle alone. Their support can be the difference between giving up and succeeding because they remind you of the "why" and guide you on the "how".

Also, they’re experts in this. They create bespoke plans tailored just for you. In everything. They set out how much sleep you require, how much to eat, and when to have your meals. Every detail is covered in every part of the journey. 

2. Get exercising

Studies show that many people seeking to lose weight focus on a healthy diet, but tend to skip physical exercise. That’s understandable – after a stressful day at work, you want to unwind with a large plate of food rather than a 5k. But exercise is often considered the key to keep going in the weight loss journey. 

The body releases endorphins after exercise – whether it’s cardio or weightlifting - which is a clear incentive to continue your weight-loss journey. If something makes you feel good, go after it. Get that good feeling again and again. 

3. Set process goals

A simple way to keep at it is to set achievable process goals. But not just goals – everyone makes goals. Put a system in place to make sure you actually stick to them. Plan for a light jog. Prepare a healthy lunch to take to work. Process goals (as opposed to outcome goals) are a proven way to promote physical exercise and keep the end goal in sight. If you’re struggling to think of realistic goals, start simple – the most important part is getting going. Once you’ve started, the path becomes clearer. 

4. Think about why you're doing it

To kickstart your weight-loss journey, think about why you’re doing it and what you want to achieve. It’s the constant reminder that keeps you going. Consider the bigger picture when that stitch kicks in during your run, when you’re craving that cake or when your legs burn in a spin class. 

5. Celebrate the small wins

This is an underrated and hugely important part – congratulate yourself. This is hard, and you’re trying your best. You should be proud. Look in the mirror throughout your journey and look at your progress. You did that. And you can keep doing it, step by step. 

6. Lean on social support

Just to add an extra feel-good factor, our coaches are celebrating your small wins with you. That’s what they’re here for – helping you enjoy the highs and empathising through the lows. Alongside our coaches, group exercise is a useful way to keep you motivated. So get yourself to a spin class or head down to the boxing gym and enjoy the small wins together. 

The numan take

No one ever regrets losing weight. But becoming healthier, and feeling good about yourself, isn’t always easy. The tips on this page can give you the leg-up you need, and remember our coaches are there for you throughout your weight-loss journey. We’re in it together, from start to finish.