I used Numan's Delay Spray: This is my experience

By Luke Chapman | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

When the clothes come off, worries should melt away and excitement should build. Instead, any lust is dampened by that nagging thought ‘I’m gonna finish too soon’. 

What if we told you there’s an easy way to take that stress out of sex?

That’s what Numan customer, Jeremy, did. He used our Delay Spray to combat premature ejaculation. Here’s how he got on.

Jeremy’s experience with Delay Spray

I occasionally experienced premature ejaculation during sex. Not every time, but enough that it became something that was weighing on my mind whenever I got intimate with a girl. So I decided to try Numan’s Delay Spray

The first time I used it, the effects were minimal. But I realised I had only spritzed the bottle a couple of times, which wasn’t enough to fully numb my penis. 

When I tried it for the second time, I spritzed the bottle a few times and lathered the spray all over. It worked incredibly well. I had sex for nearly an hour and didn’t feel like I was close to ejaculation. I felt like I could have comfortably gone on for another hour. We only stopped having sex because we were both tired. 

One small criticism was that the application process was slightly awkward. I didn’t really know the girl, so I didn’t feel comfortable spraying my penis in front of her. When we got back to hers, I said I had to use the bathroom and applied it in there. 

Obviously, this also meant I had to predict that there was a chance I could have sex (it was a first Tinder date) and bring the spray along. The spray is pretty small and fits comfortably in my jacket pocket, so that wasn’t really an issue. 

There’s still quite a lot left in the bottle despite spritzing it generously. It’s a reassuring thing to have on hand before having sex.

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