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By The Numan Team

Today is a big day for Numan. Top secret projects and plans that have been confined only to our team, and our many, many, many, many, many, Zoom calls, today finally get to see the light of day.

But before we share those plans we’d like to share where they’ve come from, and why we’ve toiled so hard on them.

It’s for that guy out there. The brother, the husband, the friend, the colleague, or perhaps just that face, one amongst many on the 242 bus you used to take home. Nothing out of the ordinary, he wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. He could be any of us. He could be you, in fact, it very probably will be you at some point in your life. 

He’s surrounded by people, but alone with a problem. Maybe it’s a sexual problem, like erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation. Could be shortness of breath - an addiction to cigarettes. Could be low energy. Lack of sleep. Or his hair, a little worry about the demise of his stylish fop that grows into something bigger, a worry that this ‘hair loss thing’ is indicative of a more general decline...indicative of things falling apart.

These men, these worries, are why we started Numan and why we push ourselves so hard to keep providing solutions to these and many other problems facing millions of men.

So, what’s today about? Well, it’s about a few things.

We’ve improved our customer experience to make it smarter and more intuitive. This means our pharmacists can prescribe personalised treatment plans that can be easily tailored to suit individual patients’ needs.  

We’ve given our brand design a lick of paint. Revamping our packaging and our website, amongst other things. We hope you’ll agree the site now feels simpler, smoother, and a better home for our ever-expanding range of products, services, and treatments.

And while we’re growing fast into more innovative and emerging areas of health, we’re still talking about penises on TV. Unashamedly. Proudly normalising issues around erectile dysfunction and inspiring men to take action. We’ve really outdone ourselves with our new TV ads, take a look here.

Yup, penis nicknames. At Numan, we do whatever it takes to make sure men do something about the things they aren’t currently doing anything about.