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From A to B: Numan's latest funding round

By The Numan Team

From A to B

Today we announce the completion of our Series B fundraise, led by White Star Capital, with participation from our existing investors Novator, Anthemis Exponential, Colle Capital, VNV Global, and the addition of Hanwah Dream Fund as a new investor. 

Eric Martineau-Fortin is joining our board as Director, and Nick Stocks as Observer. It’s a big milestone and we're very proud and excited with our investor team. They are a group of people who are passionate about building a next-generation health company with the experience, network, and capital to help Numan do that. 

It’s almost exactly three years since founding the business and in that time we’ve treated hundreds of thousands of men in the UK; built a team of people who come to work with passion every day; completed two acquisitions; created one of the most recognised brands in the space, and impacted the lives of millions along the way.

We’re changing the way men think and act about their health and wellbeing, and are only at the beginning of that journey. 

The future of health and our role in it

We live in exponential times, and healthcare is going through unprecedented change. Changes in infrastructure, technology, regulation, and consumer behaviours are combining to create new models around the delivery of care, but also in the ways we proactively look after our health. A truly personalised, proactive, and data-driven approach is now within reach. Technology developments across the entire health ecosystem hold huge promise, with diagnostic AI, digital therapeutics, and life sciences painting a bright future for humanity’s health. 

We have a lot of work to do until we get there, and when it comes to men’s health we have a bit further to go. 

Men's health is an area where the risk of losing focus to a faraway future, against the priorities of now, feels the greatest. Men suffer the same barriers to good health as the rest of the population, including lack of education, poor access, and high cost (in out of pocket scenarios). But for men, these issues are compounded by the inertia and social taboos specific to them and their health. Men are extremely sensitive to any friction in the system, cautious of who they engage in their health with (and how), and are easily disenfranchised without a sense of momentum and results.

At Numan, we believe facing these core challenges today is essential to delivering better outcomes tomorrow. By bringing together evidenced treatments and pathways with technology that empowers patients and clinicians, we increase access and make it easier to deliver that crucial first step. The opportunity is to build a bridge, carrying us to a bright healthcare future one step at a time. 

That’s what we’re building with Numan. We’ll use this latest investment to build that bridge for more men, across more conditions, in more markets, to move from zero to one and then onwards to a better health future. Always focussed on powering the most useful next action, and delivering an impact today. 

We’re already seeing that impact in numbers. 70% of our patients seek treatment for the first time when they come to Numan. Crucially, many of them now go on to take a blood test and understand the potential root causes behind their symptoms. 

So we’re helping men take that first step towards better health, and when they do, 87% of our members have told us that their confidence improves, and 67% have said their relationships have improved since discovering Numan. 

Building a team

We have the critical pillars of our bridge in place, with a vertically integrated proposition, frictionless digital experience, and best of breed clinical support. We have also developed the foundations of a clinical technology platform that can better augment existing clinical pathways to provide faster, more accessible and more personalised treatment. In the next twelve months, we will bring everything together across more conditions, markets, and therapeutic models. 

To do that we’re hiring across engineering, product, design, operations, and leadership roles, and we’d love for you to join us. We are mainly based in the UK, Sweden and Greece, but have team members spread across Europe and are location agnostic. 

If you’re excited about building the future of health together, check out our open roles and get in touch.