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Numan blood test review: Frederick’s story

By Kirsty Mason

Some of the greatest threats to your health aren’t visible. That’s why - no matter what age you are or how healthy you feel - you should always take a blood test. A blood test measures critical health biomarkers such as your levels of testosterone and cholesterol. Understanding what’s going on in your body will help you to implement the necessary lifestyle changes to take proper care of your health. Taking a regular blood test means you can track your progress and manage your lifestyle choices.

Frederick, who’s 68 and semi-retired, saw Numan’s TV adverts. He knew he had a family history of high cholesterol and had concerns about his testosterone levels. After the struggle to see a GP left him feeling deflated, he decided to take one of Numan’s blood tests. As a slightly squeamish character, Frederick was pleasantly surprised to find the process ran incredibly smoothly. 

We chatted to Frederick to find out more about his experience with Numan.

Why did you decide to take a blood test?

Recently, I had a blood test on the NHS and I was interested in my cholesterol levels to back up the results. I’ve always known that my father had high cholesterol so there’s that genetic predisposition that affects me. I’m currently taking statins to control my cholesterol levels.

I was also very interested in looking at testosterone levels because I want to go back to the gym and do more weight-based training. I thought I may as well find out what the scores are.

What interested you about the blood tests at Numan?

I found the ads on TV quite funny and it piqued my interest. The ad talks about your health and some contributing factors to erectile dysfunction (ED). I’m finding it quite difficult to see a doctor face-to-face at the moment and I’m on medication, including statins. I know that certain medication affects things like ED so I wanted to do some investigating.

Fear Nothing Blood Test

Fear Nothing Blood Test

Know what your blood knows.

How did you find the process of taking the blood test from home?

I thought I’d be squeamish but I wasn’t. The little finger prick devices were brilliant and the instructions were good. I had visions of a little scalpel coming my way but it isn’t like that at all. The instructions, the vial, and everything, were good. I’d have no hesitation doing it again with the same kit.

Was there any particular condition you were worried about before taking the blood test?

I take sildenafil for ED. It was never a problem when I was younger but certain things - such as having a few drinks and eating a reasonably sized dinner - might lead to some problems.

I thought it was sensible to have all the other indicators checked like testosterone levels and triglycerides. That’s part of what spurred me on to get my blood checked. I know ED can be psychological but there are physical causes too.

Since your last experience, would you want to take another blood test?

Yes, definitely. I ordered two months of Testosterone Support and I didn’t expect to feel results but I would say that I’ve got that ‘feel good’ factor. But maybe that’s also because I’m doing something positive about it.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in an at-home blood test?

Don’t hesitate. Especially if you’re having issues seeing a doctor. It’s another tool in the toolbox and it doesn’t hurt to do it. On the practical side, I had no problems getting the level of blood that they wanted. I did find it fairly difficult to make sure the blood was mixed properly but I got successful results. The overall message from me is to get yourself tested.

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