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Confront hair loss with confidence: the Numan Money-Back Guarantee

By Ashton Sheriff | Medically reviewed by Dr Luke Pratsides

The Numan Money-Back Guarantee is designed with one thing in mind: to cover you and your hair. 

Like anything worthwhile, hair regrowth takes patience and commitment (even with clinically proven hair loss treatments). We want to encourage you as best we can along your journey, which is why we’re willing to give you a full refund if your hair loss isn’t stabilised and/or reversed after 180 days*.

How does the Numan Money-Back Guarantee work?

You’ll be covered under the Numan Money-Back Guarantee if you treat your hair loss with our Complete Hair Loss Kit, Topical Spray, finasteride, or Regaine.

A complete guide on how to submit a refund request can be found here. In a nutshell, all you need to do is: 

  1. Take a few pictures of your hair before you use your hair loss treatment for the first time. View the five angles to use here.

  1. Continue to take photos every 30 days during your treatment plan using the same five angles. Keep all the pictures you take stored on your device to track your progress. Do not send us any photos unless we ask for them to review your Guarantee claim.

  1. If your hair loss doesn’t stabilise and/or reverse 180 days after your treatment is approved by a clinician, you can submit a refund request. 

  1. We’ll refund you if we agree that the treatment has not been effective at stabilising and/or reversing your hair loss. We may ask for the pictures you took during your treatment so that one of our clinicians can review them. 

What is the best hair loss treatment?

The best hair loss treatment for you will depend on (A) how clinically effective it is, (B) how convenient it is for you to use, and (C) how suitable it is for you and your current health. Below are some of the best hair loss treatments for treating male hair loss available today. 

Minoxidil and finasteride (combined)

In terms of effectiveness, finasteride and minoxidil combined tend to give the best hair regrowth results. The combination of finasteride and minoxidil has been shown to improve hair loss in 94% of men, meaning it’s more effective than taking finasteride or minoxidil alone. 

As far as convenience goes, they are both easy to use. Finasteride is a daily tablet you swallow with water and minoxidil is a topical solution that you apply directly to your scalp. Taking them together makes it easier to stimulate hair regrowth from all angles, as finasteride works to block the enzyme responsible for male pattern baldness and minoxidil can be sprayed precisely onto patches of thinning hair to fill them in. 

Our Complete Hair Kit contains both finasteride and Topical Spray for complete hair regrowth stimulation. It’s highly effective and has worked for people like James, whose scalp is “no longer visible” after using the Complete Hair Kit for just three months (read his full testimonial here). What’s more, it’s fully covered under our hair loss Guarantee, so if your hair loss doesn’t improve after using it then we’ll refund you every penny.  

Finasteride (on its own)

Finasteride is a clinically proven hair loss treatment for men. It’s a tablet that’s swallowed every day to reduce and reverse hair loss across the entire scalp, and can even help to restore a receding hairline. 

A clinical study found that finasteride (specifically finasteride 1mg) was able to stabilize hair loss in 90% of men. In addition, it was able to increase hair growth in 77% of men. 

Many people find it convenient to take finasteride because it’s a once-a-day tablet, meaning it’s easy to incorporate into their daily routine and requires minimal effort for maximum results. Like the Complete Hair Kit, finasteride is covered under our hair loss Guarantee, so you can fully commit to your hair loss treatment plan knowing you’re covered and supported.

Minoxidil (on its own)

Minoxidil is another clinically proven hair regrowth treatment that’s used by men to treat thinning hair. It’s a topical liquid that normally comes as a spray, foam, or liquid solution. 

Minoxidil has been clinically proven to improve hair loss in 70% of men. Some men prefer using minoxidil over finasteride because it can be applied to precise areas of the scalp to encourage hair regrowth (e.g. on the crown of the head, patches of thinning hair, etc.). 

It’s a little less convenient to use than finasteride (as applying it to the scalp takes more care than swallowing a tablet), but many men are ok with this due to its greater ability to target specific areas of the scalp. 

Like the other products for hair loss mentioned above, Topical Spray is included in our hair loss Guarantee. 


Regaine (also known as Regaine for Men) is a hair loss treatment that contains minoxidil. It comes as either a foam or a liquid solution and can be spread on the scalp to reduce hair loss and promote hair regrowth. 

Regaine sometimes comes with different applicators depending on the type of Regaine you get. These are attachments that make it easier to apply the correct amount of solution to your scalp. 

It’s relatively convenient to use, but care should be taken to avoid touching your clothes after applying Regaine, as it can leave stains on them. Always wash your hands, and be careful not to touch your face because doing so may result in unwanted facial hair growth. 

The numan take

The Numan Money-Back Guarantee allows you to combat hair loss with full confidence. It’s a win-win. If your hair loss is stabilised or reversed then you can enjoy your new crop of luscious locks. If not, you can claim your money back and be one step closer to finding a more effective hair loss solution for you. 

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*Numan Money-Back Guarantee: if your hair loss isn’t stabilised/reversed 180 days from the date your treatment was approved by one of our clinicians, you can claim your money back.

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